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How to maintain mountain bikes?

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Maintenance of mountain bikes is to clean up mountain bikes in peacetime and remove rust and some stains when riding.

When the bicycle is covered with sand and the pipeline is polluted, which affects the normal use of bicycles, it is necessary to give the bicycle a "full bath".

It should be noted that there are many bearing parts in bicycles, which are very taboo to water immersion, so when cleaning, do not use high-pressure water flow, where there are bearings, special care should be taken.

Cleaning steps:

1. First, wash the frame with water. First, the mountain bike is roughly cleaned up, mainly the surface of the frame is cleaned up.

2. Clean up front fork

3. Clean the dental disc and pull it forward and wipe it with a towel.

4. Clean the dishes - Spray "detergent" on the dishes, then wipe off the grease and dust on the dishes.

5. Clean the chain - --- Wash the chain with a brush dipped with "detergent" to remove grease and dust from the inner chain.

6. Clean the flywheel - pick out the impurities (stones) that are stuck between the flywheel blades, wash the flywheel with a brush, and dry the flywheel and excess oil.

7. Clean up and pull the guide wheel - -- Clean up the impurities stuck in the guide wheel, spray cleaner to brush off the grease scale

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